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Principal - Retired
Africentric Alternative School - Last School
Luther C. Brown, OCT, BSc, MEd, Ph.D. student.
Speaker, Consultant and Workshop Facilitator
Luther Brown leverages his experience as a teacher, and a school Principal with the Toronto District School Board, to shine a light on educating black, and other racialized students, to achieve at high levels, academically and socially.
He draws on his years of experience as a successful Community Radio Broadcaster, his scholarship, and his knowledge of Interest Based Negotiation, to develop and implement communication strategies that facilitate the building of healthy and strong school/community relations, for the purpose of improving student outcomes.
His expertise as a researcher helps in the collection and analysis of organizational data to customize his services to meet the needs of your organization in a timely manner
Workshop Facilitation
Working with \\\\\\"Difficult Staff Members\\\\\\" to get better school results.
Working with ‘Difficult Parents\\\\\\" to achieve better results for children.
Improving School/Community Relations for the purpose of changing student achievement. Helping Senior or Leadership Teams better understand the ubiquitous and powerful influence of race and racism on student achievement.
Strategic leadership intervention to disrupt race and racism and facilitate student achievement.
Race and Racism Matter!
When staff say \\\\\\"I Don’t See Colour\\\\\\"- the responsibility of education leaders.
Enjoying My Role as a School Administrator!
Keynote Speaker
Possible Topics Include:
Race, Racism, and Easy Answers.
Conflicts are Good for the Organization. Proven Attributes of Successful Leadership. Enjoying Your 9 to 5!
Customized Presentations
Help schools, and educational organizations succeed in contexts of race and racism. Help professionals better understand, and value the ubiquitous and powerful role of race and racism in our lives, in order to better serve students.
Facilitate the leading of schools so black, and other racialized students feel they belong, and that they are able to work to successfully reach high levels of academic and social success.
Engender school Leadership practices to develop collaborative professional behaviours among staff, for the purpose of achieving improved schooling results.
Help develop school and community practices to bring about collaborative behaviours for the purpose of leveraging community expertise to the benefit of student achievement.
Provide mentorship to adjust the professional practice of school leaders, in order to meet student achievement expectations, and district goals.
Work with schools to develop a school tone that facilitates healthy professional environment where students, parents, and community work in relationships, that are beneficial to student achievement.
Subannah EduConsulting
Luther C. Brown | 416. 799.0162 | luther@lutherbrownedu.ca

School Leader Mentoring
Provide mentorship in support of professional practice of school leaders in order to meet student achievement expectations, and district goals.
Leading Professional Learning
Customize Professional Learning to meet organizational needs.
Africentric Pedagogy
Strategic leadership intervention to disrupt race and racism and facilitate student achievement.
Workshop Facilitation
Develop and facilitate workshops centered on students.
Public Speaking
Deliver engaging keynote address, motivational, and other public speaking sessions to meet the needs of your organization.
Workplace Mediation Services
Use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques and processes to find mutually satisfactory resolution to workplace conflicts, disputes, and disagreements.
Luther C. Brown, EduConsultant 416.799.0162 brownlutherc@gmail.com

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